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ciudad del reciclaje / recycle city

Recycle City es un juego on-line que conciencia y enseña a los niños la importancia del reciclaje. En una ciudad llena de basura que solía llamarse Dumptown, los ciudadanos no reciclaban y no optimizaban sus recursos. En Recycle City aprenderán a gastar menos, ser más conscientes con el medio ambiente y los peligros que entraña para el futuro de nuestro planeta el no tomar medidas desde niños.
Just a few years ago, this place was called Dumptown. For years, the folks living here hadn't thought much about where waste went when they threw it out. Things that easily could have been reused or recycled were tossed in the trash, because nobody believed recycling made a difference. They learned to reduce the amount of waste they threw away, to reuse other things and to recycle. Finally, they closed the old city dump and built a new solid waste landfill outside of town. With the town's new image, it needed a new name, and Recycle City was born. Travel around Recycle City and find out what folks here are doing to reduce waste and make the environment better.

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