manualidades cool para disfrutar con los niños


maracas y tambores / shakers and drums

A los pequeños les encanta la música: cantar, bailar... y tocar sus propios instrumentos. Urban Organica nos ofrece un tutorial para hacer maracas de diferentes formas con materiales reciclados. Se lo pasarán genial con su música y les concienciarás sobre el medio ambiente.
You can make these drums in less than an hour following Urban Organica's instructions. Each one looks and sounds different every single time. They cost absolutely nothing as you'll see, and the kids (ages 1-7) lead nearly every step. They will be so proud of these drums & shakers! While the shakers sound really vibrant & satisfyingly "noisy," the drums do sound a bit dull when played by hand. Calypso!

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